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SEO Candyland specializes in a proven 3-step process involving advanced SEO audits, SEO strategies and consultation for driving amazing results in a very straightforward way. Choose the best SEO solution for your business or all three and start taking a bite out of your competition.

Cassandra is an absolute genius! I've had the pleasure of working with her on many projects and she is my go to contact when it comes to anything to do with SEO. I've never met anyone who's been able to navigate their way so knowledgeably – she's like Neo in the Matrix!

tabitha swanson
Designer & Creative Technologist

Why Choose SEO Candyland?

As each client's goals are unique, we take a more nuanced approach to SEO. Our strategies aren't your standard operating procedures. We look at your overall picture when formulating our action plans and focus our efforts in the areas that drive the highest return on your investment. Our SEO will stand strong for 5+ years.

Whether you're B2CB2BeCommerce or straight lead gen, we've helped grow a business like yours.

What clients are saying about
SEO Candyland

Sara Livingstone

Digital Strategist, Best Buy Canada

Cassandra Dawson is a Search Engine Optimization Guru. She is a wealth of information and a valuable resource for businesses wanting to rank on the first page of major search engines. She is professional, self-motivated, and methodical, as well as incredibly talented. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is serious about growing their online business.

I feel incredibly fortunate to have found Cassie as she brings tremendous value and knowledge to my team. Her depth of knowledge when it comes to SEO is unmatched and she is incredibly hard working and reliable. If she says that she will do something she will do it - no questions asked. I would highly recommend her for anyone that is looking for well done SEO work or anything internet marketing related.

Jagger Babwin

Owner, JFB Capital Services

Sandis Viksna

Digital Marketing Strategist, MoreNiche

I've worked with Cassandra for around a year and she has always been a very proactive person and affiliate. She is always a step ahead and thinks out of the box. Also, always punctual and professional. Looking forward to working on new projects with you. Thanks!

SEO Candyland is one of the most passionate & innovative SEO firms I have ever met. Dedicated to their craft, knowledgeable, informative and their attention to detail is meticulous. You want to start driving some real traffic to your website? You found your secret weapon!

Sandra Wong

Online Gaming Strategist, Designer & Entrepreneur



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Common Questions & Answers

Why Are Competitors Outranking Us?

It could be for any number of reasons but it is likely that your competitors either already have a strong established brand or they are participating in various online marketing initiatives. Even if your competitor’s have strong brands, SEO can trump their rankings. The easiest way to find out what your website's weaknesses are is through a website audit.

Does My Business Need Social Media?

Yes, but you should focus on the platforms that are best for your business goals. Social media is important because it gives your brand the power to connect with your audience in a less formal way and it may help increase your search engine rankings, website visits and overall revenue.

How Can SEO Help My Business Grow?

SEO is thought to be the highest quality traffic you can get. It helps you to build great content based on what people are searching for. It connects your website with other websites that are of good value and increases traffic, as well as trust through a good reputation. When done right SEO leads to revenue growth.

How Do I Convert Visitors Into Revenue?

By performing conversion rate optimization (CRO). Proper setup and configuration of Google Analytics, combined with website optimization will paint a clear picture of what is happening when a visitor lands on your website, and with optimization that visitor will get the information they need and turn into a lead or sale. The end result is a fully functional, revenue-generating website.

Why Is My Email Campaign Failing?

It's possible that you have delivery issues and aren't reaching your recipients inboxes. We will take a look at every possible angle and optimize your email campaign for issues. Once it's fixed our main goals will be to increase your subscribers, email open rates and conversions.

How To Write Good Content To Promote?

There's a method to writing for both visitors and search engines. Our content writing services are designed to put you on the path to a solid foundation. Once that has been set, supporting your content with quality PR, building trustworthy links and maintaining a relationship with your fans through social media will ensure you have a place on the web for many years to come.

Can You Teach Me SEO?

Yes, marketing, website management training and consultation are part of the many services we offer. We find that when clients are more knowledgeable we can focus on more advanced areas. Contact us today.

Do You Outsource Your Services?

No we don't. However, we are available for outsourcing. If you would like white label services please contact us directly to see if we are able to assist you. You can send us leads or we can do a joint venture.

Still have more questions? Visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.