Marketing integration is needed when you have more than one marketing initiative going on at any given time. If you have SEO, PPC, Social Media, Email Marketing, TV Advertising, Radio Advertising, etc then integrating each of these areas together into one campaign will give you better results.

Marketing Integration - Lead Nurturing & Conversions

What Is Marketing Integration? – Connecting Marketing Platforms to Each Other

Marketing integration is including all of your channels on your website as an example, by mentioning them and linking to them when possible. Linking to social profiles, email campaigns, blog posts, press releases or any other online platform from your website, and having them link to a relevant page on your website is a form of integration. Let’s try another example… Say you have some brochures at your operating location or at an event, you will want to include that you are on social media, identify your website, have your location if applicable and include in any other relevant information like your phone number.

What is the Point of Marketing Integration? – Lead Nurturing and Conversions

The reason why we integrate different traffic sources together is to keep connected to leads / prospects / customers / clients or visitors. Maybe someone sees you at an event, grabs your brochure, goes home and checks your website out and lands on a page with a lead form. The page they land on is offering a free eBook, but the visitor must fill out a lead form first. So they enter in their info, download the eBook and read it. They check their email a few ours later and see an email from you, thanking them for visiting and offering up more awesome content, based on the eBook they downloaded. This person gets put into a series of lead nurturing emails until they become a client or customer. Marketing integration can help convert visitors and increase website revenue.

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