Marketing and Website Management FAQ
Marketing and Website Management FAQ

We get asked a lot of questions, from how we can secure keywords to how we turn visitors into paying customers and clients. Here are the most popular marketing and website management questions and our answers below.

Why are Competitors Out Ranking Us?

It is likely that your competitors either have a strong brand already established or are participating in various online marketing initiatives. You may wish to consider a website re-design so that your website appeals to more people. Perhaps your design is just fine and it’s really code, web content or conversion issues that are holding you back. Maybe your content needs to be optimized so that people can find your website. One or more of these areas is likely the culprit. Even if your competitor’s have strong brands, SEO can trump their rankings. There is only one way to find out what your website’s weaknesses are, and that is through a website audit. We will analyze your website, find all issues and present to you with an action plan of how to fix them so you can grow your business online.

PPC Isn’t Working, How Can You Help? – A Campaign Audit and Optimization

The biggest reason why we get asked this question is because clients come to us after trying to do their own PPC or after hiring an individual or company who hasn’t been able to turn things around. Sometimes clients even have a few Google reps to try and help but it was short-lived. Common reasons why this happens is from a lack of interst, lack of knowledge or a busy schedule. We can help you get your PPC back on track with a full PPC audit.

Does My Business Need Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest and Whatchamacallit? – Social Media

Yes, social media is important because it gives your brand the power to connect with your audience in a less formal way. This makes for good customer service, boosts reputation and popularity, increases your market reach and can increase keyword rankings, website visits and revenue.

How Can SEO Help My Business Grow?

Search engine compatibility, website design, website layout, user experience, content, code and marketing integration all play an important role in SEO.

SEO is thought to be the highest quality traffic you can get. SEO helps you to build great content based on what people are searching for. It connects your website with other websites that are of good value and increases traffic, as well as trust. SEO helps you build a good reputation. With SEO, the layout of your website is optimized so that more people contact you or buy products. It also brings new visits to your website through keyword rankings. It cleans up code, security and server side issues so that visitors get the best experience possible, and that your website is there when they search for it. SEO can also help you integrate other marketing initiatives such as email, social media, blogging, affiliate marketing and offline marketing so that your overall brand has a strong online presence.

How do I Convert Visitors into Revenue? – Conversion Rate Optimization

By conversion rate optimization (CRO). In other words, setup and configuration of Google Analytics, combined with website optimization. This will paint a clear picture of what is happening when a visitor lands on your website, and with optimization that visitor will get the information they need and turn into a lead or sale. We first start this process by analyzing your online sales funnel and identifying areas that need to be optimized. Then we put together a strategy and test out a few different ways to improve your conversions. Once we have enough data, we can finalize your sales funnel. The end result is a fully functional, revenue-generating website.

Why is my Email Campaign Failing? – Email Audit and Optimization

It is possible that you have issues with inboxing, email rendering, incomplete messaging, an unappealing creative, a poor offer or are emailing the wrong audience. You may not have all of the necessary content needed either. We will take a look at every possible angle and optimize your email campaign for issues. Our main goals will be to increase your open rate, subscribers and conversions.

I Need a New Website Made – Web Design Services Vancouver

Take a look at our web design services and choose a package to suit your needs. We currently specialize in WordPress but can also work with Drupal, Joomla, Magento, OpenCart, BigCommerce and other CMSes.

How do I Write Good Content and Promote It? – Research and Knowing When and How to Use Different Mediums

All good content writing comes from knowing your industry well, using different mediums (text, images, video, audio), integrating SEO (including website structure) and writing for each possible stage in a visitor’s decision making process. Once a solid foundation has been set, supporting your content with quality PR, building trustworthy links and maintaining a relationship with your fans through social media will ensure you have a place on the web for many years to come.

I Want to Learn Marketing – Hire Us for Training and Consultation

Marketing and website management training and consultation are part of the many services we offer. We find that when clients are more knowlwdgeable we can focus on more advanced areas. Campaigns also do better out of box, and instead of spending hours optimizing, we can cut that time in half and focus on some of the more involved areas of any given project. Take your campaign to the next level and let us train you how to market like the pros!

My Clients Need Internet Marketing – Outsource Us

We are available for outsourcing. You can send us leads or we can do a joint venture. If you would like white label services please contact us directly to see if we are able to assist you. We prefer to work locally but also serve clients from around the world. Send us a message with your project and we will get back to you with a quote and strategy.

Contact us for More Information About SEO and Internet Marketing

If you are new to internet marketing and aren’t sure where to start, have some initiatives in place and need that next push, need to launch a new website with search engine compatibility or if you are shopping around for the right agency to help you reach your goals we want to hear from you. Contact us today for a free 15 minute marketing consultation. This will help us learn more about you and what you are looking for so we can suggest the best services to help you reach your goals. You can email us, call us at 604-779-8438, chat with us online or fill out the form to the right. You can also connect with us on Facebook and meet some of our internet marketing fans. If you have a suggestion or question for our marketing and website management FAQ please write to us. We may even include your question right on this page!website re design,

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