Our web design services are fully integrated with the latest marketing tactics and styles. We know what it takes in order to create an eye-catching design, and follow it up with a call to action. We are located in Vancouver and would love to help you get the right image for your company.

Branding and Identity Design Company Vancouver

This can be a tricky thing to do correctly. Since we specialize in SEO, we work with branding agencies to fulfill this area. We will take into consideration who you are, what kind of image you would like to create, who your target audience is and many other factors into creating your brand or identity. Usually, when people come to us they are looking for SEO and ask for additional services. It can be tough to hire multiple companies and SEO is very particular. It is always best to have an SEO company to oversee each area of a website from beginning to end. View more information about Vancouver branding and company identity services.

Logo Design and Colour Scheme

Once we have a clear understanding about what your vision is, what your goals are and who you are trying to attract, we will work with a branding agency to create a logo for you. We will also ensure that the overall colour scheme that is chosen makes sense for your brand and audience. It is usually best to keep things simple and stick to 1-3 colours. When minimal colours are used, they are easier to remember for your audience. View more information about logo design.

Web Design and Development Vancouver – WordPress and eCommerce / Woocommerce

We can design just about any kind of website you are looking for. We  use WordPress for web design, because it is powerful, efficient, easy to use and widely supported. Many themes are highly customizable with a multitude of plugins and widgets. We can also create custom themes.

We can design any kind of eCommerce website as well. Since we have a background in marketing, all of the websites we design are fully search engine compatible. What this means is your website will be SEO ready, out of box.

We also throw in SEO to key pages of your website with every web design project. View more information about our web design services. If you are looking for web development or programming, please navigate to that specific webpage for service details.

Print Design Services – Business Cards, Brochures, Posters and Banners

Any design service wouldn’t be complete without print design. We work with talented printing companies who can make business cards, brochures, posters and banners for your company. We also work with experienced advertisers who can fulfill any offline marketing campaigns you wish to create. From radio, to transit ads or even television commercials – we can get you connected. A bonus of working with us is that our agency partners loop us in for any SEO input. We are also able to integrate each different initiative back with your website. We like to stick to what we do best, which is SEO 🙂 We believe in leveraging the power of our network so that our clients can enjoy specialists handling every aspect of their project. Click the link to view more information about our print / offline design services.

Contact Us for More Information About Us, Our Design Services in Vancouver or to Get a Quote

We can provide you with just about any web design services you are looking for. If you are interested in other design services like graphic design, logo design, video production or offline marketing we will put you in touch with one of our partner agencies. Start making the most out of your online presence and contact us by emailcall us at 604-779-8438 or chat with us online right now. We are located in Vancouver and would be delighted to work with you! 😀

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