PPC Company Vancouver

PPC Company Vancouver

We are a PPC company in Vancouver and have noticed that most of our clients start out doing Pay Per Click advertising themselves. The most common thing they tell us is that PPC doesn’t work and is a waste of money. Like all forms of digital marketing, skills are learned and developed over time. One of the biggest reasons why campaigns aren’t set up thoroughly or correctly, is that client specialities lay in a different field. This is perfectly ok, and we understand that everyone won’t have the same deep knowledge of Google AdWords as a marketing agency. At SEO Candyland, we get it and and are here to help relieve the burden and frustration of running your own campaigns.


Let the PPC Audit Begin – Full Campaign Analysis and Suggestions

The first thing that we do with every PPC project is to ask to first ask you what your goals are, what the biggest issues you are facing with your campaign and which services or products you want to promote the most. Once we have this information we can then take a look at your campaign and analyze / audit each area. Once our PPC audit is complete, we then share it with you and develop a strategy that fits your budget.

PPC Services – Campaign Setup, Research, Ad Copy, Landing Pages, Goal Tracking and Reporting

There are a lot of moving parts to PPC, some are well known, and others are a little more reserved. Things can get complicated, especially with large campaigns, or multiple campaigns, but our process, attention to detail and exceptional organization keeps everything manageable, maintainable and in a good position to scale up each month. Our PPC services include:

  • PPC Audit
  • PPC Setup
    • SEO Integration, Internal Linking & Landing Structure
    • Radius Targeting
    • Content Delivery Network Setup & Customization
    • Special Interest Targeting
    • Remarketing
    • Analytics Goal Tracking
      • Landing Page Creation, Optimization & Testing
      • Thank You Page Creation
      • Form With Email Double Opt In & Auto Responder Creation
    • AdGroup Cleanup / Organization
      • Keyword & Competitor Research
      • Keyword Bids & Ad Copy
      • Keyword Formatting – keyword, “keyword”, [keyword], +keyword, {keyword}
    • Extension Setup & Optimization
      • Maps Extension
      • Local Extension
      • Sitelinks Extension
  • Data Analysis & Conversion Optimization
  • Bad Bot Click Monitoring & Reporting
  • Custom “Data Not Provided” & “Broad Match Revealed” Reports
  • Monthly Performance Report

Contact Us for More Information – Reliable PPC Company Vancouver

We are definitely not the only PPC company in Vancouver and realize it can be hard to hire the right one for your project. When we are back to back with a few other agencies, we always encourage potential clients to ask for a free PPC audit to all companies they are considering. It always becomes easy to see which company has the most knowledge, is honest, has high attention to detail and which one really wants your business. Fancy presentations and charismatic personalities should be taken with a grain of salt. This is your hard earned money and you must choose the best agency to take care of you. That being said, if you have read this far down the page, you are likely interested to know more about us, our digital services, and see how we can help you. Please contact us by email, give us a call at 604-779-8438, fill out our form or chat with us online.

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