Video Search Optimization Vancouver
Video Search Optimization Vancouver

Video search optimization is when a webpage containing a video ranks for keywords. The results on video search pages from search engines will all be videos. Sometimes when a video is relevant, it will also show up in web search and be indicted with a thumbnail of a video.

On Page Video Optimization – Integrate Videos Into Websites and Meet Ranking Factors

In order to get a thumbnail to show up in search engine result pages (SERPs) you need to a number of things. Here are some on page / website things that we do when we do an on page video optimization project:

  • Use the video rich snippet
  • Have a thumbnail on the webpage with a caption
  • Have the video on the webpage
  • Offer it to be watched on another site or through yours
  • Have a transcription or summary
  • Have a video caption
  • Have an optimized video sitemap
  • Have the video sitemap added to a sitemap index file
  • Have a video gallery
  • Have an optimized video structure

Off Page Video Optimization – Build Up Authority for Profiles / Channels and Videos

Videos are becoming more popular and so is the importance of securing video rankings. In addition to on page optimization, we also need to optimize websites where videos are hosted. When we do this we increase the value of the links we use o video sites when we link back to the website. Here is a short list of some of the off page video optimization KPIs that we work to achieve through creating profiles / channels, videos and optimizing video titles, descriptions, names and links:

  • Channel popularity
  • Video views
  • Video shares
  • Video likes
  • Video comments
  • Clicks to the website
  • Video marketing

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