Our inbound marketing reporting is fairly simple, yet informative. We will let you know how your campaigns and how your website is performing each month or each week. The Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that we choose will give you the best understanding of what your results are. Some people may only pay attention to a few KPIs, but it is important to pay attention to the ones we select, as they will show success in the most important areas.

Data Sets With Beautiful Graphs and Easy to Understand Charts – Quickly See Campaign and Website Performance at a Glance

All of our monthly reports have a data set and we graph out each important area so that you can see performance over time. For long term clients, we also provide quarterly and yearly growth graphs. The beauty about our reporting is that you don’t need to be technical to understand it. If you are pretty savvy, we can create custom reports for you to suit your needs, but for the most part, our standard reports are widely liked and useful.

Need Better Online / Inbound Marketing Reporting? We Can Help

If you already have some reporting set up, but aren’t getting the most out of it, we would be happy to take a look at the things that you care about, and set up tracking if need be. We will then collect data for you and deliver a report on what matters to you. We find this an important service to offer, as many companies are rigid with their reporting, and don’t offer any customization, are too simple, don’t give enough information or are skewed in order to make it look like everything is fine. If you would like us to audit your online marketing reports, let us know.

What is a Good Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly or Yearly Report? – Helps You Plan, Strategize, Optimize and Reach Goals to Get the Results You Want

A good weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly report should give you a good idea of where you have been, where you currently are, where you are predicted to be and help you create an optimization plan to get where you want to be. We are a results driven inbound marketing company in Vancouver and only want to report on what matters to you. However, we will insert important KPIs if you haven’t already included them. Failure to add in each important KPI can deliver an incomplete picture of what is going on which can interfere with planning, strategy, optimization, goal setting and results.

Contact Us for More Information About Our Inbound Marketing Reporting Service Today

If you would like to have a standard or custom report created for your campaigns or website performance, please contact us by email, or call / text 604-779-8438. We can also be reached via online chat. We are excited to help you get the most our of your inbound marketing reporting! 😀

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