Email Marketing Company Vancouver
Email Marketing Company Vancouver

We’re a permission-based email marketing company in Vancouver that understands how to achieve real-world results. We recognize email marketing as a great way to integrate different marketing efforts together, serve as a customer or client retention tool, offer new things to customers or clients and increase market reach. Think of emailing as a summary of your daily, weekly or monthly activity and include interesting content and calls to action. Email marketing is known for its lead nurturing capabilities and is a great way to boost sales or get new clients.

Email Marketing Services – List Building, Optimization, Integration and Conversions

We provide a full email marketing service and are 100% permission-based. Some of our services include list building, list cleaning, list management, template design, content, campaign creation and lead nurturing.

Our email marketing services are designed to help you leverage and grow your customer or client base and get them to complete the actions you want them to take. Our special background in high-pressure affiliate marketing gives us an edge over other email marketing companies because we are very particular about the content we send out, who we send it to / list segmentation, how it is organized and how it is integrated with other marketing platforms/campaigns like SEO work and social media management. We can also pre-pop offers. This is where the recipient clicks onto a landing page from the email creative, newsletter or offer and sees their info already added to the offer page/landing. All they have to do is click submit or make a purchase if applicable. This boosts offer/promo conversions significantly. Our email services include:

How to Use Email for Lead Nurturing – Separate and Organize Leads, Run Tests and Optimize

Lead Nurturing - Grow Your Leads
Lead Nurturing – Grow Your Leads

Once you have obtained leads, you will want to look at the source and separate them out into categories. For email marketing, you will want to separate out the leads that have come through a form on your website. You will want to make sure that you have autoresponders set up so that your email leads are double opt-in. If you are unsure of how to set this up, as per North American spam laws, we can do this for you.

Once your email leads have been separated you will want to look at what each visitor did before they filled out your form. Let the art of lead nurturing begin! You will want to separate or segment out visitors who landed on different pages of your website. Perhaps some came through your website looking for more info on a service you offer, maybe some came through on a landing page designed for a specific campaign you may be running. Whatever the case, you want to start off with some steps in a lead nurturing cycle like the one below:

  1. Separate Leads by Type (Website Form, Phone, etc), Category (Specific Service or Topic) & Campaign or General Interest
  2. Test Out Your Offer to Make Sure Your Product / Service & Terms are Good. Segment Your List to Avoid Emailing Same People Again
  3. Create Email & Landing of General, Comparing & Specific Content
  4. Analyze Data & Make an Additional Email & Landing Page for Each Content-Type
  5. Run A/B Tests of Various Combinations & Segment Your List Again to Avoid Emailing Same People
  6. Send Out Full Blast to Best Email & Landing Combination
  7. Keep Sending Similar Content With Matching Best Landing & Monitor Emails for Opens
  8. Segment Emails by Openers & Clickers
  9. Check Analytics for More Optimization Clues
  10. Revise, Rinse & Repeat

Permission-Based Email Marketing – CASCL and CANSPAM Compliancy

CASCL & CANSPAM Compliant - No Spam Policy
Compliant – No Spam Policy

Email marketing is a lot of work when done correctly. In addition to the above lists, we also must adhere to the spam laws of Canada and the USA. We are a fully CASCL and CANSPAM compliant email service provider. We will not send out unsolicited emails under any circumstances. We do however offer a list cleaning service and an email consent service as well as make sure all email records are complete and are double opt-in. Permission-based emailing is very effective, especially when the front end has been optimized and the back end is handled by reliable email marketing software.

Contact Us for More Info – Skilled Email Marketing Company Vancouver

As an experienced email marketing company in Vancouver, we understand the importance of maintaining and growing your list carefully and conscientiously. It’s important to make email marketing a part of your regular business activities, as a newsletter will keep people coming back to your website. It will also guide potential customers/clients through a lead nurturing cycle. A newsletter will also add to your social power and increase SEO efforts. If you currently are enrolled in an email marketing program and want a second opinion on the performance, you can request a free newsletter/email marketing audit. If you are looking for a one-stop-shop, check out our full array of inbound marketing services, Get started today by filling out the form to the right with some details about yourself and what goals you hope to achieve. You can also contact us via email, phone us at 604-779-8438 or chat with us online. We are looking forward to hearing from you soon.

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