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Conversion Optimization Vancouver

Conversion optimization is a fancy way of saying turn your visitors into leads, client or customers. This means, when someone lands on your website, they complete an action you want them to take. This could be filling out a form, downloading something, sharing something, leaving a comment, buying something… whatever you want them to do is an action. Whenever an action is completed, this is a conversion. Now that you know what a conversion is, and know what things / actions can be considered as conversions if a visitor acts on them, we will show you different things that we can do to your website to convert visitors or get them to take an action you want them to take.

Our Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) Services – Website Optimization, Heatmap / Click Analysis, A/B Testing… / Convert Visitors

Our conversion rate optimization (CRO) services are rather extensive. Like everything we do, we are thorough, analytical and do each task to the fullest. Conversion optimization wouldn’t be complete without SEO and visa versa. Here are our CRO services:

  • Analytics / Visitor Behaviour Optimization & Audit
  • Website Optimization
  • Heatmap Analysis
  • A/B testing
  • Usability / User Experience
  • Create Landing Pages
  • Reputation Management / Credibility
  • ROI / ROTI (Return on Investment / Return on Time Invested)
  • Lead Form Testing
  • Call to Action Button placement
  • Social sharing icon placement
  • RSS feed subscription via inbox placement
  • Newsletter signup placement
  • Blog comment Strategy / Quality User Generated Content
  • Refer a friend button placement
  • Buy now button placement
  • Software download placement
  • eBook download placement
  • PDF download placement

Landing Pages, ROI, UX, A/B Testing, Heatmap, Clicks, Reputation

Conversion Optimization Audit and Optimization Vancouver – UX (User Experience), Checkout Optimization / Ecommerce SEO

Our conversion optimization service will tell you different things about your website that can be done in order to give a better user experience. This is also known as usability, meaning, how easy your website is to use. If visitors have trouble finding the information they want, or aren’t completing actions you want them to take (converting), then this tool is for you.  You will also see how well your website has been designed by pointing out any missed opportunities for conversions. Our easy to use heatmap will show you cold and hot areas of your website so that you know where your visitor’s eyes are drawn to most. In order to benefit from this tool, you will need to place your CTA (Call to Action) items in places that people are naturally drawn to. This tool is of particular importance for ecommerce websites due to the checkout optimization analysis portion. In order to get the most out of your conversion optimization efforts, we suggest using this tool in conjunction with our complete internet marketing integration suite.

Conversion Analysis

  • Heatmap Report
  • CTA Placement Suggestions
  • Q&A Type Content – Let shoppers ask questions
  • Site Search

Technical Analysis

  • Review Rich Snippet Detection
  • Canonicalization Detection
  • SSL / HSTS / 307 Check & Certificate Verification Hops
  • Pagination – Rel Next, Prev and View all Detection
  • Page Load Time
  • Breadcrumbs

Shopping Experience

  • Navigation
  • Shop Website Integration
  • Cart Viewing & Customization Flexibility
  • Discounts, Coupons & Sales Website Integration, Promotion & Vendor Integration
  • Product Category Page & Product Page Optimization, including OpenGraph for social sharing
  • Shipping Application
  • Customer Account & History
  • Purchase Process
  • Out of Stock Product Handling

Optimize Visitor Traffic and Behavior to Increase Conversions – Analytics Optimization and Audit

Conversion Rate Optimization Services - SEO Vancouver

Once we have these things in place, we will need to study your website visitors to see how they behave. We will look at how they came to your website – if it was through organic, paid, referral, social or directly. We will then take a look at what keywords were used, what pages the visitor landed on, what the content of the referring website is like and the overall quality of the site, what social content the visitor may have been looking at which prompted them to click through to your website and if they are direct, study their movement through the website to see if they found what they are looking for. That actually applies to all visitors. Once visitors land on your website, we can easily see which pages they go to, if they leave your site right away (bounce) or if they follow through to complete an action. We use Google Analytics at SEO Candyland for visitor tracking and offer Analytics / traffic optimization / Analytics Audit services. Part of Analytics optimization includes event tracking, goal setup through funnels and filter, custom reporting.

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