SEO Candyland - Internet Marketing Vancouver
SEO Candyland – Internet Marketing Vancouver

SEO Candyland is a full-service internet marketing agency in Vancouver, BC, specializing in SEO. We have been operating since July of 2009 and have real-world marketing experience. In order to ensure excellence, we only take on a small number of clients at once.

The SEO Candyland Team and Founder – Cassandra Dawson

Our team is made up of skilled marketing experts who are ready to work with you to achieve your online goals. We all have different backgrounds in the digital world which is why we are so successful. Our Managing Director and Founder, Cassandra Dawson, has been in the digital world since 1997 and continues to expand and hone her skills.

Cassandra first got started as a web designer and managed several online social groups. From there she went on to learn about database administration and accounting. In 2005 Cassandra managed a search engine, in addition to software support, domain registration, domain hosting, web development, landing page design, lead generation, conversion optimization, affiliate marketing and email marketing. A short while after that she went on to become an SEO Specialist at a few different agencies as well as doing freelance work. After a few more years of experience, Cassandra decided to start her own marketing firm, SEO Candyland.

Where Did Our Name Come From?

The name SEO Candyland was chosen because our founder has always had a fondness for all things whimsical and different. Cassandra Dawson also played the popular Candyland board game as a kid. Candy is creative, original, whimsical and comes in so many shapes, sizes, colours, textures and flavours. Just like marketing, every project should be treated uniquely. We express these qualities of candy making with our marketing services. This is especially true because we are always trying and testing new things. Our clients benefit from our creative nature each and every time.

We Are Dedicated to Delivering High-Quality Work to Our Clients

It is important for us to always produce high-quality work. We are very dedicated to our craft and always strive for excellence. This is a major difference between working with us and other marketing or SEO companies. We don’t cut corners, are efficient, experienced and know what to do to get results.

Our Community Involvement – Charitable Contributions and Volunteer Work

Our Founder and Managing Director, Cassandra Dawson cares about animal welfare, disaster and humanitarian relief, the environment and human rights. She makes regular contributions to these causes. Cassandra has a very diverse portfolio outside of the marketing world:

  • Art Therapist for high-risk pre-teens
  • Alumni Youth Counsellor
  • Local Soup Kitchen Server
  • Resource Centre Support Counsellor for Homeless Youth
  • LGBT Youth Counsellor
  • Scout Leader for Disabled Children and Adults
  • Public Speaker for Public Health Nurses, Police Officers, Government of Canada and Human Equality

Our Internet Marketing and Website Services

In addition to SEO we also offer digital marketing and website management services.

  • SEO – Web, Local, Image, Video, Social and Competitive Search
  • PPC – Campaign Optimization, Landing Page Creation, Conversion Optimization, Ad Copy, Sales Copy
  • Design – Branding and Identity, Logo Design, Web Design, Print
  • Social Media – Contests, Reach, Sentiment, Strength, Loyalty, Reputation, Customer Service and KPI Goal Setting
  • Email Marketing – Newsletter Design, Template Creation, List Management, Campaign Management, Website Integration
  • Content Writing – Content Structure, SEO Copywriting, Sales Copy, Business Blogging
  • Website – Optimization, Development, Security, Programming, Domain Registration, Hosting, Backup and Recovery

Start Working with Us – Contact Us Today

At the beginning of every project, we do an audit phase where we plan and strategize. This sets the tone for the whole campaign and the success of our client’s online presence. Many opportunities for growth are identified and are backed by a solid plan of attack. No matter what you hire us for, our background in SEO will shine through. We seamlessly integrate all online marketing efforts together like a structurally sound spider web.

Start making the most out of your online presence and contact SEO Candyland today by email or call us at 604-779-8438. If you have any immediate questions, check out our marketing and website FAQ to see if your question has already been answered. You can also chat with us online right now.

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