We are a certified CIRA (Canadian Internet Registration Authority) domain registrar in Canada and are authorized to reserve, sell and re-sell domains. If you are just beginning a new business venture or are rebranding, we can help you with the whole domain registration process, from choosing a domain name, to securing it, to linking it with your host. There are a couple things to keep in mind when choosing a domain name.

  1. Include your primary business function as well as a brandable component
  2. Avoid Hyphens
  3. Keep your domain name to one to three short words
  4. Make sure your domain name is easy to type into a browser
  5. You may want to consider purchasing a .ca if you are a Canadian business, along with the .com or .org or .edu or .co if those apply to you
  6. Avoid domain names ending with .info, .net, etc These are a lot cheaper and are frequently used by spammers

Domain Name Registration SEO Checklist

Since we are an internet marketing company, and specialize in SEO, here are some things to consider regarding SEO. If you are doing any one of these things, please contact us so we can correct this for you.

  • Registering a bunch of domains with keywords in them and forwarding them to one domain doesn’t help SEO
  • Registering a bunch of domains with keywords in them and having all of your content on them, as well as your primary domain is duplicate content, search engine spam and will hurt your SEO efforts
  • Try to register a domain that matches the country your business is operating in and build up authority nationally before switching over to a .com (and targeting globally)

Fully Managed Canadian and International Hosting

Once you have your domain(s) you will need hosting if you don’t have it. We are also a Canadian host and can take care of this for you too. We can help you choose the type of hosting that is right for you along with any extras like SSL. Once that is all set up, we will link your domain(s) to your hosting package. View more information about our Canadian website hosting services.

For SEO purposes, it is important to get hosting in the area that you are targeting. If you are outside of Canada, we can set up and manage your hosting through one of our trusted international hosting companies.

Contact Us for More Information About Our Domain Registration Services

If you would like more information about our domain registration servicesplease contact us via email, by phone at 604-779-8438, by online chat or leave us a message via the form at the top of this page.

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