Competitive SEO / Search Strategy
Competitive SEO / Search Strategy

Our Competitive SEO / search strategy is focused on what your competitors are doing. We not only leverage the playing field, but take away market share from your competitors. We work in the top 10 organic competitors as well as industry competitors into our SEO plan. We also help our clients achieve similar website authority and popularity, in addition to helping clients:

  • Rank for competitor’s branded keywords
  • Rank for relevant non-branded keywords of competitors
  • Cash in on competitor’s advertisements
  • Obtain the same links as competitors
  • Be on the same local sites as competitors
  • Be on the same review sites as competitors [wpcb id=”1″]

Rank for Competitor’s Branded and Non-Branded Keywords

Rank for Competitor's Branded Keywords
Rank for Competitor’s Branded Keywords

We work competitor’s branded name into regular keywords and slip into content, links, social mentions and bookmarks.

In order to rank for competitor’s keywords, especially their branded keywords, there are some things that need to be done. First, is to determine what their branded keywords are. It is also important to include branded keywords that bring them the most traffic and money. This can be done from keyword research and with the use of various inbound marketing tools. Once these keywords are determined, creating a website structure, content strategy and doing on page SEO will help to secure keywords. In order to integrate these types of keywords into content, they need to be broken up and synonyms need to be worked in. This is also true for social mentions, bookmarks and links. Everything also needs to be connected together.

Cash in On Competitor’s Advertising – Get Their Traffic, Revenue and Keep Their Branded Keywords Away From Them

Once competitor’s branded keywords are secured, along with keywords that bring them in the most money and visits, we are ready for the next part in our strategy. At this point, competitors start to panic and wonder where their keywords, traffic and revenue are disappearing to. They may search for their website using their branded keywords and see your site come up. They click the results, but can’t figure out just how you are ranking… And so they get desperate and put a lot of dollars into advertising.

This is where things get interesting, and we launch the next part of our strategy. When your competitor rolls out some advertisements, we make sure to keep secured competitor branded keywords strong and launch a series of optimized blog posts. We also build links, social mentions and bookmarks. This helps us to further maintain rankings. In turn, the competitor is essentially giving you free advertising, since you are already ranking for their branded and non-branded keywords. [wpcb id=”1″]

Get The Same Links as Competitors – Reverse Engineer Their Links

Now we have your competitor’s right where we want them and we roll out a link building strategy that pulls all of the sites that are linking to them. We then determine how to get sites that link to them to link to your site. We may deploy different tactics like creating presentations, developing link bait, getting listed on some good quality directories or doing some press releases for example.

Get Listed on the Same Local Sites and Review Sites as Competitors, Roll Out and Market Targeted Content

Local SEO / Search & Review Sites
Local SEO / Search & Review Sites

Once we have a good chunk of links from the same sites (provided they are high quality) of competitors we are ready for the next step. If your competitor is local to you, we will roll out an on page local SEO / search strategy, as well as an off page local search strategy. If your competitor is not local to you then we will roll out an off page local SEO / search strategy. We may however work in local keywords to your website where it makes sense to, but the bulk of this operation will be off page. On page refers to your website and off page refers to other websites.

Review sites play a big part in achieving local rankings. We will see which sites your competitors are on, get you added if relevant, and then optimize the listings so that they have more link power than those of your competitors.

Contact Us for More Info About Competitive SEO / Search – SEO Strategy, Branded Keywords, Advertisements, Links, Local Search and Reviews

Once the plan above has been executed, we need to maintain it each month in order to ensure keywords and visits stay secured. From time to time, this will mean rolling out competitive SEO / search content, links, social mentions and bookmarks. The operations part of this strategy is constantly being tweaked, as search engine algorithms. Our competitive search strategy follows the rules of search engines and our clients are rewarded from updates. For more information, contact us via email, by phone at 604-779-8438 or chat with us online right now. If you are ready to get started click on the free quote button below. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you crush the competition! [wpcb id=”1″]

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