Social Media Integration - 2.0 Optimization

Social Media Website Integration, or 2.0 optimization is a short way of saying ‘adding social media elements to a website.’ The whole point of adding social components to your website is to increase conversions, increase your market reach, or audience and to increase major KPIs which lead to visitors completing actions you want them to take. In addition to the the major KPIs of social media as seen below we also report on different things such as likes, shares, fans +/-, keyword influence, comments, etc.

  • Brand Strength
  • Brand Sentiment
  • Brand Loyalty
  • Brand Passion

Which Social Elements Get Added to Websites? – Widgets, Plugins, Apps and Code

There are a few different social elements that we add into websites to make sure that it is easy for people to share the website or specific content with others, or even to just show their support.

  • Social Media Buttons
    • Like
    • Share
    • Follow
  • Post Feed
  • Fan Badge
  • Email Signup
  • RSS Feed Signup
  • Blog Comments
  • Send to a Friend Button

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