Web Development Vancouver
Web Development Vancouver

Our web development services in Vancouver range from simple website updates to building websites to assisting with SEO Programming, website performance, backup and website security. Our web development team is fast, friendly and efficient. Every web development project is assigned an account manager and an operations manager. This ensures our team stays on task and our clients receive regular progress updates. Every client of ours also has access to our support team to help answer any project related questions. This keeps our team focused so that production can continue without interruption.

Web development Vancouver – quick, quality and care is the SEO Candyland way.

Marketing Implementation – Marketing and Web Development Teams Available to All Clients

We do a wide variety of web development services and work closely with our marketing team. This ensures things are implemented in correct ways to support marketing initiatives. Many marketing companies don’t have web developers and this can hinder results. Our ability to get things implemented, properly, the first time means clients get bigger, better, faster results and save money as things don’t need to be redone.  Our web development services include:

  • Content updates – text, image, video
  • Navigation, footer and sidebar updates
  • Web design / builds
  • Plugin customization
  • Website hardening
  • Error fixes
    • Broken links
    • Content placement
    • Error pages
  • Redirects
  • Page loading time
  • Webpage and blog URL, image and video structures
  • Page size
  • Code to text ratio
  • Source code white space
  • Source code order
  • Search engine profile and maps setup
  • Rich snippets
  • Google Analytics setup and customization
  • Google Webmaster Tools setup and customization

Web Development Vancouver – Great Services, Fast Turnaround Times and Friendly Team

Our web development services in Vancouver make marketing implementation a snap. We can also build or update your website, secure it and optimize it so it will meet optimization guidelines set by our marketing team. For more information, please contact us by calling us at 604-779-8438 or send us an email. We also offer custom programming for applications or content management systems. Got an SEO audit from another company and need it implemented? We can help!

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