Social Media Company Vancouver

Social Media Company Vancouver

We are a Social Media company in Vancouver. Sure, you have heard of social media, and may already be using it, but perhaps getting back to the basics will help you use this tool and other inbound marketing tools successfully. Social media is the process of entertaining, engaging and forming an emotional connection with your audience so that they will complete an action that you want them to take on social networks. This could be something like signing up for your newsletter, liking, sharing or commenting on a post, or making a purchase on your website.

Friends Influence One Another, Especially on Social Networks

When your audience forms an emotional connection with you, they are likely to talk about you to their friends. When they spread the word about you, this is called word of mouth marketing and it works very well. Everyone has experienced this in one form or another. People like to give their opinions about things, especially to their friends. When one friend makes a recommendation about a particular product or brand, they are influencing their friends to support the same things they do. If they like a brand, their friends are also likely to like the same brand. We can help you let your audience do the work for you.

Social Media Is About Entertaining, Engaging and Influencing, Not Self-Promotion

Have a conversation with your audience, show your personality and get them to form an emotional connection with your brand.

Far too many social media companies miss the mark here and think social media is all about self-promotion. They think that posting new content updates or announcing contests on their profile pages is social media management. They wonder why all this money is being spent, all this effort is being made, and there are zero results. Think of social media like a conversation. Put yourself in the shoes of your audience. Would you like to read a profile that is all about self promotion? If you approached it this way, chances are you would get pretty bored and zzz right off your own profile page. When your audience does this, guess what they do right after. They will go to one of your competitor’s pages. Ahhh!

How to Use Social Media for Your Business – Treat it Like a Customer Service Tool

So then, how do we fix this? The key here is to post interesting, yet relevant things on your profile pages. Treat them like special interest groups so that your audience can connect to you. Many of your profile or page visitors, fans and connections will treat social platforms as a way to get customer service. This is especially true if they are unhappy with the support they have received so far. Your customers, clients or potentials will want to establish rapport with an actual, real, breathing human. They want to do so in front of your audience, because they know that others are paying attention to how you respond to them. It is important that these people are dealt with quickly and professionally. We will show you how to use social media for your business – or even manage it for you.

Our Social Media Services

We offer a large range of social media services:

  • Reporting
  • Increase leads
  • Monthly contests
  • Email list creation
  • Create and optimize social profiles
  • Monitor and respond to comments
  • Increase fan base and engagement
  • Reputation management and customer service
  • Marketing integration with SEO, Email and Blogging

Contact Us for More Information – Social Media Vancouver

Start using social media as a great reputation management tool. You can also grow your customer base, increase market reach and brand awareness. Just like any other kind of marketing, there are best practices and knowledge that comes with experience. We know how to use social media correctly and are happy to manage, monitor and grow your social presence. Get on track with us and start using social media effectively. We will show you how to integrate social into your marketing mix and how to achieve results with this marketing platform. Contact us via email, by phone at 604-779-8438, fill out the form at the top of this page or chat with us online right now. We are located in Vancouer, BC  and can’t wait to work with you!

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