Image Search & Optimization - Meet Ranking Signals
Image Search & Optimization – Meet Ranking Signals

Image search is the act of optimizing your images so that they show up in image results. Depending on what kind of website you have will determine the importance of obtaining rankings in image search. There are a number of things that we do to ensure good positioning, as well as optimizing images to help you rank for other types of search like web search. Sometimes image search results appear on web search result pages. This is especially true for Google when they think that an image may be a more relevant match to a query.

Image Search Ranking Factors or Ranking Signals

Just like other types of search, image search has it’s own ranking signals. There are of course specific ways images need to be optimized to trigger positive reactions for these ranking signals. Here are some known ranking factors that we deploy – correctly, to ensure good positioning:

  • Images at least 250×250
  • Small image size for faster loading time – save as progressive so image loads by colour instead of pixel position
  • Correct image format – .png is best for web, .gif is best for animations, .jpg is best for people, etc
  • Optimized image structure including categories, subcategories and image names
  • Alt tag
  • Image title
  • Short description
  • Long description
  • Caption
  • One dedicated image per webpage
  • Image gallery
  • Linking to and from images on and off page
  • Image sitemap
  • Image sitemap linked form sitemap index file
  • Sitemap index file uploaded to server root
  • Sitemap added to search engine webmster tools
  • Using a thumbnail of a video can help video search rankings and allow for a video rich snippet to show

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Having your images optimized will contribute overall to your website’s performance in web search and local search, depending on the content surrounding the image placement. Fun fact: go to Google Image Search right now and do a reverse image search. Pretty neat, eh! If you would like more information about our Vancouver SEO company, our inbound marketing servicesimage search or anything else, please contact us. We can be reached via email, by phone at 604-779-8438 or you can chat with us online right now.

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