Analytics Audit Vancouver - Traffic Optimization
Analytics Audit Vancouver – Traffic Optimization

Our analytics audit services in Vancouver can help you understand what is going on with your website’s analytics so that you can optimize your traffic for a better ROI. Sometimes poor traffic is the cause you are falling short of your targets, sometimes it’s a bunch of broken links, sometimes there’s a problem with your content. Whichever the case, we will do the digging, identify areas that can be improved, provide you with solutions and execute the plan. We can help you with traffic optimization for your website and improve KPIs.

Analytics Audit – Identify KPIs, Strengths, Weaknesses and compare With Competitors, Organize Data and Form Correlations

Our website analytics audits are thorough, concise and easy to understand. They will help you understand what is going on with your website and identify issues which are affecting your visitor performance. Here is a quick list of some things that we include in our analytics audit process:

  1. See where you are at in all major KPIs
  2. Competitor benchmarking / audit competitors against the same KPIs
  3. Organize data into yearly, quarterly, monthly, seasonal, promotional, trend and competitor influence
  4. Identify weak and strong pages, traffic sources and flow
  5. Identify visitor dropoffs
  6. Look for correlations / data patterns
  7. Optimize the above and repeat each month

Common Reasons Why Companies Have an Analytics Audit Done

While the above list is good for everyone with a website, maybe you have some unique issues that you need to get sorted out. We have helped many companies organize their analytics and can help you too. Here are some common things that we have identified and fixed through an analytics audit:

  • Many locations and wanting to see how specific locations are performing
  • Many SKUs and want to see how specific products are preforming
  • Paying for referral traffic and want to see how each referrer is performing
  • Tracking issues due to multiple analytics codes / accounts being used
  • Subdomain tracking
  • Mobile vs Desktop tracking
  • URL tagging through one source
  • Custom reports like uncovering ‘data not provided’ areas
  • Funnels, goals, events & alerts setup / checkup

Contact Us for More Info About Our Analytics Audit Services in Vancouver

If you would like more information about us, our inbound marketing services in Vancouver, or having data analysis / an analytics audit done for your website, we can help. You can contact us by email, chat with us online, leave us a message or give us a call at 604-779-8438. In a hurry? Request a quote via the button below for a traffic optimization report. Implementation available through our web development team.  [wpcb id=”1″]

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