Negative SEO Recovery Services Vancouver - Google Bowling Attack
Negative SEO Recovery Services Vancouver – Google Bowling

Our negative SEO recovery services will get you back on track. Rankings take time to build up. There is nothing worse than someone coming along and undoing all of your hard work. When you lose your rankings it feels like the end of the world and you need to bounce back. Dealing with negative SEO issues can be complex. Quite often a vast knowledge about SEO and search engine algorithms is required in order to fix this issue.

What is Negative SEO? What is Google Bowling? How Can it Be Prevented?

Competitors may do this to trigger a negative ranking factor or algorithm update for your website in hopes that Google will give you penalties. Penalties result in loss of rankings, traffic and revenue. Some penalties can result in de-indexing in Google so negative SEO needs to be taken seriously. If you haven’t been affected by this, there is good news. You can protect your website from disaster striking by building a clean link profile. You will also need to do monthly SEO maintenance and keep your website security in check. If you have already suffered from a negative SEO attack it’s time to pick up the pieces and get your website back on track.

“Negative SEO Definition: Commonly referred to as Google Bowling. This is defined as using Google ranking factors, in particular building bad links to a website to trigger penalties.”

Cassandra Dawson

Building a Clean Link Profile – You Need Quality Sites Linking to You on a regular Basis

We have blogged about building a clean link profile. This is one step of many in repairing your SEO equity. Having a clean link profile will also help you to not be affected so intensely in the future if you undergo a negative SEO attack. We can build quality links for you! If you want to try this on your own, here are some articles on how to build a clean link profile:

  1. Negative SEO – 5 Ways to Spot It & Stop It
  2. How to Build a Clean Link Profile
  3. The Best Way to Do Link Building
  4. Off-Page SEO 101
  5. How a Keyword Audit, Social Mentions & Link Building Work Together

How We Help Reverse the Damage of a Google Bowling Attack – Negative SEO Recovery

We’re an SEO company in Vancouver and have decades of experience helping businesses reach their online goals. We have faced many complex SEO challenges and have successfully achieved positive results for our clients. Here are the key things that we do while we are recovering a website from a negative SEO attack:

  • Build a clean link profile
  • Remove malicious links
  • Remove scraped content
  • Remove bad reviews
  • Remove fake social profiles
  • Remove your website from antivirus programs giving warnings about your site
  • Remove your website from spam blacklists
  • Stop identity click fraud on paid ads
  • Block bad bots
  • Discover and remove malicious code – secure your site
  • Reinstate your site in search engines if you’ve been deindexed
  • Develop an SEO maintenance strategy to help prevent or stop another negative SEO attack in its tracks

Contact Us for More Information – Negative SEO Recovery Services Vancouver

We are ready to help you with negative SEO recovery and restore your rankings. With our help, we will also make future attacks less painful, should they continue to be an issue. The best way to stop a large website attack is to prevent one. Our monthly SEO maintenance will help to keep your SEO intact. Pairing this with our website security service will help to protect your website and make it less vulnerable. An attack may still happen but at least we can prepare for it. If you have been hit by a negative SEO attack or suspect you have please send us an email, call us at 604-779-8438 or chat with us online right now. Help is only a click or a call away 🙂 We are here for you!

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