Content Writing Company Vancouver

Content Writing Company Vancouver

We are a content writing company in Vancouver, our styles are different for various platforms such as website content and print content (think brochures and posters). It’s important to match the writing style with the correct platform. We take special care to do this correctly in each project we take on. Though we provide content for each of the above areas, we specialize in web content. What makes us different than other content writing companies is that we are fully search-aware, maintain readability and keep visitors interested. We also cleverly optimize content so that each point of a visitor’s decision making process is covered. Content written in this way is also called SEO copywriting and it also converts visitors into clients.

Content Writing Services and Solutions – Vancouver, BC Content Writing Company

The key to a successful content strategy and service is to practice smart marketing integration.

Our content writing services and solutions follow our tried and true content strategy. We have combined some basic best practices with competitor analysis, SEO and blogging to deliver an all around inbound marketing action plan. Our content services include:

  • Industry & Content Research
  • Competitor Research
  • Editorial Calendar
  • Content Writing & Web Editing
  • SEO integration / SEO Copywriting
  • Business Blogging

Industry and Content Research – We Avoid Fluffy Content and Educate Ourselves Before We Start Writing

Before we begin writing content, we will first research what we are going to be writing about. We believe that quality content is what counts, and that visitors don’t want “fluffy” or “filler” content. They want the real deal, actual content that contains substance. Visitors want to learn, be entertained, engaged and be content with the time they have invested reading your website. In order to deliver visitors a good user experience, we take special care to learn what we are going to be writing about so that we can give them a good impression. It is also a bonus that our approach meets strict search engine requirements.

Competitor Research and Content Strategy

Our competitor research content service covers careful selection of 5 web competitors that share the same primary service that you do. We analyze their websites, pay attention to how their content is organized, if it has been optimized and make note of any special industry knowledge that they have shared. We take our findings and combine them with our industry research and keyword research. Once this process is complete, we then create a content strategy, in edition to an editorial calendar for 6 months at a time.

Create an Editorial Calendar – Plan What to Talk About and When to Maintain Campaign Focus

Once the research phase is out of the way, it is important to create an editorial calendar. This will ensure that there is regular, scheduled content, topics maintain focus, and any campaigns have new, supporting content. An editorial calendar should be made that includes content for:

  • Blogs
  • Social networks
  • Weekly or monthly newsletters
  • Promotional material for a campaign

Content Writing and Web Editing – How We Write Search Engine Friendly and Entertaining Content

Every content writing agency writes differently. Our biggest asset is that we specialize in SEO, so we integrate this into all aspects of our inbound marketing process and services, including web editing. One of the biggest issues our clients face, especially our SEO clients, is that their website content is missing, isn’t categorized correctly (isn’t being found), has basic grammar and spelling mistakes, is too technical, too “cold” and sometimes is of poor quality. It’s very difficult to optimize content that isn’t ready for SEO. Whenever we find this issue, we let our clients know and seamlessly integrate SEO with content in one complete process.

SEO Integration and SEO Copywriting – Writing Web Content

Part of writing content for the web means that content needs to be accessible and findable to search engines. In order to make sure content is accessible to search engines, there are a few things that need to be done. Many of these steps are similar to getting websites indexed in search engines. Perhaps the most important of the bunch is to make sure that the website itself is compatible with search engines. Another important step in getting your content web ready is to make sure it is warm, inviting, humorous at times and flows well. Here is what we include in our SEO integration and copywriting content service:

  1. Keyword research to determine any missed opportunities
  2. Optimized website structure creation so that content can be categorized and found by search engines and visitors
  3. Content research
  4. Editorial calendar (including blog / article content)
  5. Creation of content templates:
    • Optimized URL and canonical
    • Optimized meta data
    • Headings 1-3
    • Sub headings
    • Keyword selection for each paragraph
  6. Content writing
  7. Keyword insertion
  8. Internal and outbound link selection
  9. Content marketing suggestions

Business and Corporate Blogging – Increase Website Popularity, Clients and Sales

This is perhaps one of the most misunderstood parts of content writing. A blog is different from main content as it is about a very specific subject and is usually 300-800 words. The whole point of business blogging or writing articles is to support main pages. This is also needed to keep websites ranking for secured keywords, and to obtain new keywords. Reason being is that search engines want to deliver the most relevant, current information about a subject at any given time. This is a ranking factor because people don’t wanted outdated information – and so, every website needs fresh, regular content.

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Writing and maintaining good content can seem like a tall order. We can provide you with all of the content writing services that you require, and seamlessly integrate efforts with other marketing initiatives like SEO, social media, email and print. Let us help you take content writing by storm and get your website back on track. You can contact us by email, by phone at 604-779-8438, or chat with us online right now.

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