Web search is when your search snippet is displayed on the main SERP (search engine result page or tab). It is different than news, image, video or social search because it displays webpage results of mainly textual content. If an image or video or news article matches your query / search term / keyword, and is deemed as relevant, it will be displayed on the web search page. There are some things that you can do in order to rank for web search.

How to Rank for Keywords in Web Search – Website Audit, Optimization and Promotion

There are a number of on page, off page and technical things that you can do in order to rank for keywords in web search. The first thing that you will want to do is get your website in a position to rank well. We can provide you with a thorough website audit and an action plan for implementation, which will get your website ready for SEO / optimization.

Keyword Research – Figure Out the Main Topics of Your Website

Hire us as your trusted inbound marketing company to do your keyword research. It needs to be done thoroughly and we don’t miss details.

The next step is to do keyword research. This will help you figure out what you need to be talking about on your website. It will help you to see all of the different topics that are related to your main service or product areas. Keyword research is something that is very important to do thoroughly. Most inbound marketing companies fall short in this area and ignore quite a few types of keywords. In order to do this process properly, keywords in addition to high search volume keywords need to be integrated. Keyword research for every webpage also needs to be done, but the initial site wide keyword research is what you need to do in order to create a website structure.

How to Use Keyword Research and Turn it Into a Website Structure

Once the keyword research portion is complete you can focus on your website structure. We can take your keywords, organize them into categories, sub categories and pages for you, as well as provide optimized URLs. We can also give you content topics for your blog or article area of your website, or even write your website content for you. Another step to creating your website structure is to check out what your competitors are doing and to add in your own industry knowledge.

Technical Website and Structure Audit and Optimization Vancouver – URI Crawl & Error Identification

Our technical SEO website structure service will identify areas where more content is needed, organize your content, fix your URl errors and provide you with an optimized website structure to facilitate ranking for the primary and supporting keywords you are targeting on each page. Here are the URIs that we optimize:

  • Text / HTML
  • Images
  • Videos
  • PDFs
  • Audio Clips
  • JavaScript
  • CSS

Content Writing – How to Populate Your Website With the Best Content

With a solid website structure, it is now easy to see what kind of content you will need to create. You can start off writing about each topic that is on your webpages and then keep adding more layers:

  1. Write basic content about your topic
  2. Do keyword research for additional ideas, these can become paragraphs and blog posts too
  3. Look at what your competitor’s content is like
  4. Add in your industry knowledge
  5. Optimize your content
    • Meta data
    • Headings 1-3
    • Keyword insertion and formatting
    • Inbound, outbound and internal link insertion / building and formatting
    • Social mentions
  6. Promote your content or perform content marketing

Inbound Marketing Integration – Blogging, Link Building, Social Media and Email Marketing

Now that you know what people are searching for, have created a good website structure, written, optimized and promoted your content, as well as performed competitor analysis, it’s time to integrate it all together. Inbound marketing integration may sound complicated, and it can be, but we prefer to keep things simple and build on them over time. This helps to keep things manageable and also allows for resources to be collected or anything else needed before scaling up.

With professional marketing integration, each area of your website, supporting website and inbound marketing efforts in general will form a strong web. Just like spiders weaving their webs strand by strand, connecting different areas together, forming a strong, foundation do. In this case, we will catch clients and sales and leave the insect catching to the spiders 😀 Here are some things that we can do in order to pull everything together into one cohesive presence:

  • Regular blogging, with on page SEO
  • Link building
  • Social mentions
  • Email marketing

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There are quite a few steps in web search. Our process is unique in the way that we strategize and implement each area from the audit all the way to inbound marketing integration. We are very meticulous and highly detail orientated with everything we do. Most marketing companies will skip many important things and only deliver basic SEO because they either aren’t skilled enough or have too many clients. We are quite experienced and prefer to keep our clientele small, so that we don’t have to sacrifice quality. It’s time to get your website back on track – or even build a new website! You can contact us via email, by phone at 604-779-8438, fill out the form at the top of this page or chat with us online right now.

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