User Experience Optimization Vancouver
User Experience Optimization Vancouver

User experience optimization or UX / website usability simply means when a website is easy to use. Things like navigation, multiple ways for the visitor to contact you, good navigation and a nice layout are all part of usability. UX crosses over into search engine optimization and conversion optimization. When a visitor lands on your website you want them to be able to find everything they are looking for, and be enticed to take an action you want them to take.

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Pay Attention to Where the Eye Goes and Place Content Accordingly

When designing a website for good usability, you want to place things in areas that naturally follow the flow of where someone’s eye goes. This makes it easier for the visitor to access your content and find what they’re looking for. When visitors can find everything quickly, they are more likely to see your calls to action and contact you, make a purchase, share your content, leave a comment, subscribe to your newsletter or RSS feed.

Avoid Taking Control Away from a Website Visitor – UX Design

Things that take away user control like automatically redirecting a visitor from a page, instead of letting them decide to leave the webpage can make them feel frustrated. Sometimes popups or lightboxes interrupt the visitor from browsing and become an annoyance. Sometimes floating elements that move along the page as you scroll an be distracting. All of these things can create a poor user experience and make the visitor leave and go to a competitor’s website. You need good UX design so that your visitor’s will be happy to stay on your website.

UX Audit – Collect Data, Feedback and Make an Optimization Plan

UX Audit Vancouver - Website Usability
UX Audit Vancouver

In some cases, where there are multiple issues we may propose a new design / layout but in most cases a few tweaks is all that is needed. We always start with an audit, and collect data to get a good idea of what needs to be improved. Sometimes we create polls, surveys or add in feedback buttons so that we can learn directly from visitors. Sometimes we install usability software and record visitors as they browse. All of these things help to paint a picture of what website issues are present. We will include them in your UX audit as well as come up with an optimization plan for you.

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