If you have ordered a basic SEO website audit or have a monthly SEO program with us you can access your report at any time by navigating to your client URL: seocandyland.com/your-client-url/ We ensure that our website audit tool is up to date and will deliver results based on current known ranking factors, with the correct priorities. This audit is offered every Monday. In addition to our weekly audit, if you have ordered a full website audit, it will be delivered to you separately. Our SEO services and website optimization services will also help you pinpoint any website errors, security issues or performance issues.

Get Your Website in a Position to Rank Well with a Website Audit and Fix Critical Issues Right Away

Part of having good SEO means that your website should be healthy, and in a good position to rank well so that optimization can begin. Our website audit and keyword audit will analyze your website as well as the top 10 ranking websites for any given URL on Google, Google Mobile, Yahoo and Bing. It will lay out passed and failed ranking factors and give you an overall website grade. This will give you a high level snapshot of how your website can be crawled, accessed and ranked by search engines, let you know of any search engine compatibility issues and show you how you stack up to your competitors. This audit is provided to all clients who have SEO services with us every Monday. A full website audit is performed by us at the start of every SEO project. This is a much more comprehensive audit than the one we provide every Monday. Here is our website audit process:

  • Perform website audit
  • Deliver audit results
  • Reveal failed ranking factors
  • Analyze the failed ranking factors
  • Fix errors, notices and warnings
  • Solutions / implementation document

What to Expect from Your Website Audit – Taking a Look at the Overview Page

On the first page of your website audit you will see an website overview of each area that needs work, be it warnings, notices or spelling mistakes. The screenshot below shows notices. You can see there are different search engine ranking factors included in this area like anchor text headings, meta data, robots, redirects, URL restrictions, URL formatting and canonical links.

Website Audit Notices
Website Audit Notices

Website Audit Performance Results – Taking a Look at Each URL that Has Errors and Filtering by Error

When you click on any one of the search engine ranking factor boxes you will see all of your wesite audit results. All of the URLs that need improvement will be displayed. You can filter these URLs by errors, warnings, notices and misspellings or a specific ranking factor in those areas like anchor links, meta data, server timeouts, etc.

Audited URLs
Audited URLs











Inspecting a Specific URL – Taking a Closer Look at Which Search Engine Ranking Factors or Ranking Signals Failed

The next step is to take a look at each URL, one by one, to see what search engine ranking signals failed, as set out by Google, Yahoo and Bing. Each search engine will have different ranking factors, so it is important that each URL is audited as per the specific requirements for each search engine.

Website Audit Results
Website Audit Results

Understanding the Website Audit – How to Correct Errors, Warnings and Notices

Now comes the fun part, understanding the website audit. Looking at the image above, let’s take a look at the broken link. We can see that the audit provides us with the analyzed page, and then shows us what the broken link is. In this case, the page is website optimization and the broken link is a blog post about the overoptimization penalty.

Fixing Errors, Notices and Warnings as Per the Website Analysis Report

Once the error has been determined, we then need to fix errors as per the website analysis report. Staying with the example above, the error was a broken link. We now need to determine how this error was caused, so we will know how to fix it. There are a number of reasons why links get broken, but in this case the URL was updated without a 301 redirect put in place. Once the redirect is done, this error will be fixed.

SEO Website Report Solutions Document – Ready for Implementation

We realize that receiving an audit isn’t enough, and sometimes you need someone to fix the errors as well. We will fix as many errors and optimize as many pages as we can with respect to your budget. If you prefer to fix errors on your own or want to use your developer, we will provide you with optimization documents and spreadsheets with instructions on how to implement our SEO.

Contact Us for More Information About Our SEO Website Audit and Solutions Document

As you can see, our SEO website audit and supporting solutions document are a very important part of having a successful website and a healthy search engine optimization program. There are many other areas that need to be paid attention to once the audit has been completed. Please contact us by phone at 604-779-8438, by email, through our website form or online chat if you would like more information about us or our inbound marketing services. If you are ready to order your website audit, please click chat with us online right now 😉

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