Covid 19 business recovery – This new virus has had a very negative impact on businesses around the globe. In this very unstable time, we need to get creative. Every industry needs to do something different in order to survive in this economic crisis. Here are some quick tips on how you can keep your business running.

Covid 19 Business Tips – Keep Your Company Running

It is important to keep your company operating. There are some things that you can do. One of the biggest items on our business survival list is to make as many no-contact changes as possible. This may include:

  • Offer digital services only
  • Postpone, reschedule or convert in-person meetings into video calls
  • Limit or eliminate face-to-face interactions
  • Allow no more than 5 people, 6 feet apart from one another in your business location at any given time (or the equivalent set by the governing bodies)
  • Have hand sanitizer readily available
  • Have n95 masks available
Covid 19 Business Recovery
Covid 19 Business Recovery – Consider getting masks for protection

How to Wear an N95 Mask

These masks are meant for one time uses. They are easy to put on and should protect you from 95% of contaminants. It is still a good idea to self-isolate, avoid person to person contact as well as busy areas. How to wear an N95 mask:

  • Take the mask and hold it in front of your face, with the metal nosepiece on the top
  • Stretch the elastic bands gently over your head
  • Place the top elastic band above your ears
  • Place the bottom elastic band below your ears
  • Ensure the bands are not twisted
  • Position the mask so that it fits in the middle of your face and goes to your chin
  • Carefully bend the metal nosepiece so that it forms an air-tight seal
  • Test for air leaks by heavily breathing out and feeling with your hands. If you feel air leaking out then reposition
  • If you can’t get an air-tight seal then try another mask. You may need a different size or style

Check With Your Dr Before Wearing a Mask

It is also important to note that it may be difficult to breathe while wearing a mask so try to stay home as much as possible. Always consult your Dr before using a mask to make sure it is safe for you. You can also ask your Dr for detailed instructions on how to wear a mask.

Contact Us for Covid 19 Business Recovery Help

Chances are that you have felt a dip in your bottom line since the outbreak started. It has affected the globe in many different ways. Self-isolation and social distancing are so important right now. If you need assistance with covid 19 business recovery we can help you get creative and develop an online marketing plan. Contact us today for a free quote. You can email us or call us at 604-779-8438. Stay safe.

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