Knowing how to prevent a bad bot attack can make all the difference. Investing in your site and preventing an attack is better than trying to save money in the short term. Attacks can be very expensive to fix. Often times when a bad bot strikes it is already too late. Prevention is the best way to handle a bad bot attack. Most people do not take this seriously. They do not understand the amount of damage that can happen if preventative measures are not in place. A company can be warned about things like this over and over but until disaster strikes, not take action. This is part 2 / 7 of our bad bots series:

  1. How Bad Bots Affect SEO
  2. How to Prevent a Bad Bot Attack – You are Here
  3. How to Detect Bad Bots
  4. What do Bad Bots Do
  5. Types of Bad Bots
  6. How to Stop Bad Bots

Scraper Bots – Are Scraper Bots Stealing Your Traffic?

As an example, from one scraper bot, you could lose 75% of your organic traffic. It could take 18 months before you get your traffic back unless you significantly increase your budget. This is true even if you have an experienced SEO. 18+ months is what it could take with an average budget just to get your traffic back. As a medium-sized business, this could mean layoffs, office closures, product or service discontinuances. Any expansion plans will be delayed. This is a huge setback. It is imperative that an Analytics audit is done so that real traffic vs bot traffic is determined and an SEO recovery strategy is in place.

Small Businesses Suffer from Bad Bot Attacks – Invest in SEO Early on

If your business is small, this could close your doors before you ever get a chance to build it up. Start-up funds do not plan for disaster. Competitors and malicious people can wreak havoc on your website and its overall impression on the web. This can happen at any time, whether you are prepared, watching for it or not. The best counter-active measure is prevention. You need to have a solid foundation to start. With a large business, this could halt investment, expansion and long-term success opportunities. Prevention is always better than fixing a disaster.

Learn How to Prevent s Bad Bot Attack Before it happens – Contact Us and Get Monthly SEO In Place ASAP

Contact us today for more information on how we can help you to secure your website assets and prevent a bad bot attack. We can be reached by email, by phone at 604-779-8438 or you can chat with us online right now. Want to learn more about bad bots? Find out how you can detect bad bots in our next article: Part 3 / 7 – How to Detect Bad Bots and See if You Have a Problem.

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