Day of an SEO Vancouver, BC, Canada – This is a new article series that I am rolling out. I know how hard it is to hire an SEO company. A lot goes into knowing who to trust and what to believe. There is so much contradictory information on the web about SEO. Here are my favourite picks / honourable mentions for solid SEO information:

  • Lots of SEO tools & large community – Moz
  • Reliable information – Distilled
  • Great for recaps on the latest news – SEO Roundtable
  • Cool SERP exparaments – SEO Mofo
  • Reputable source for info – Search Engine Land

How I Start My Day as an SEO Consultant in Vancouver, BC, Canada

When I wake up the first thing that I do is greet my dog, Marshmellow. He sleeps with me and we cuddle all night long. He is my number one in my life, above any other animals or people. I then check my email while still in bed. It is important to address and deal with anything urgent right away. After this, I make my bed and start my Keurig. I would be so lost without this machine! So many mornings I have put coffee in the freezer and brewed an empty pot. I am not a morning person. Clients and friends alike who have known me for 10 years and up will attest to this! I then make my bed and prepare food for Marsh.

Morning Walk – Being Present and in the Moment, Mentally Preparing Myself for the Day of an SEO

When I walk My dog in the morning I let him go where he wants to go. He is a good boy and is very smart. I let him sniff where he wants to go and follow him. We always end up at the dog park where I let him roam free, off-leash. I talk to locals, chitchatting about their dogs and just really enjoy connecting with others and seeing happy dogs play. This is a guaranteed moment of serenity each day. sometimes I make a new friend and we exchange numbers and plan to do something outside of the park. This is really a nice feeling, especially with how Covid has turned everything upside-down. It is important to work something into your routine that is easy and free of stress. This is a good way to prepare me for a day as an SEO Consultant.

Back at My Desk – Check Basecamp and Toggl Track to Get Me Focused for the Day

After a really nice walk, I have breakfast and check my project management system as well as my project budget tool, and get a feel for where projects are at. I then navigate to various SEO weather tools and news sites. I see what is being reported and browse each of our client’s Google Analytics, SEO tools and Google Search Console data. Taking in the info and seeing if I need to adjust anything in the project plan / schedule or SEO strategy for clients is done next.

Checking in with the SEO Team for a Work Session

My day officially begins with checking in with the SEO team. I brief them on anything important in the SEO world and client emails. We then adjust our plan for the day if anything has changed and then start working on a client’s project. Sometimes I will need to show my team something new, other times we can begin right away. We work through our priorities one by one until the most important tasks for each client are handled. My dog sits with me and I take him on a couple of walks and give him treats as he sits at my feet.

Ending the Work Day of an SEO and Preparing for the Next

At the end of my day, I will check my email again, update our project management systems and check in with the team about the next work day’s tasks. I make supper for myself and my dog, take him for a walk and if I am lucky I can watch a couple of shows to unwind for the night. I do my evening routine and mentally prepare for the day ahead, then drift off to sleep. If you want a team dedicated to your success. who are good people, talented at what they do and keep their skills up to date, book us for a consultation today.

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