Build links – Once your on-page SEO is in order, you will want to build internal links, link out to good sources, build strong inbound links and maintain a healthy link profile by disavowing any harmful links. What’s the best way to make a healthy link profile? Optimize for each relevant search signal gradually, naturally and thoroughly. Track everything you do. Pay attention to results. This is an 8 part series on what to do if your SEO flatlined:

  1. SEO Flatlined
  2. Website Audit
  3. Negative Ranking Penalty Recovery Strategy
  4. Create Strategic Content
  5. On Page SEO – Optimize Content
  6. Link Building – You are Here
  7. Keyword Maintenance
  8. Traffic Optimization

Building Relevant Internal Links

Building relevant internal links with optimized anchor text can also boost your rankings and help you grow your traffic. This is internal link building. When you are building internal links you will need to pay attention to links:

  • Within the same category: a page to a category, category to a page or a page to a page
  • From a category to another category
  • Also from page to a page in another category
  • Going fro a page to another category
  • Links from a category to a page in another category

Other types of internal links are anchor links and canonical links. You can also link different types of content like text and images.

Anchor Links, Canonicals and Canonical Pagination

Anchor links, or jump to links are also important. They not only help visitors but Google may give you a jump-to enhanced snippet (Click to read more about this on Google’s blog). You can also trigger a site links search snippet (rich snippet) by building up important pages on your site. There are many others.

You will also want to make sure canonical links are in place. (Canonical pagination is now no longer necessary. The purpose of it indicated several pages to be part of a series). Canonical links designate the preferred page of content that search engines should crawl, index and rank. Other types of links are outbound and internal links. Sound confusing? Can’t get the rich snippets that you want? Get in touch with us for internal and outbound link building. We are here to help. 604-779-8438.

Outbound Links and Inbound Links

Outbound links can also help you rank for keywords. When you associate your site with another site in a good neighbourhood search engines will also see you in a good neighbourhood. More ranking factors are still required to be met. You will also need strong inbound links from local sites, relevant sites.

Internal, Inbound, Outbound Links and Disavows for a Clean Link Profile

There are many things to consider when making internal, inbound and outbound links. Since search engines count links with a lot of weight, in comparison to other search signals this step must be done carefully and correctly. It is important to also check who is currently linking to you and disavow any harmful links. Sometimes competitors do this to de-rank others. Negative SEO can be very nasty. Click the link if you need help or want to learn more. Once this stage has been taken care of, it is time to review your work.

Build Links and Disavow Bad Ones – We Can Help You to Create a Healthy Link Profile

If you want to build links or are concerned about your link profile contact us via email, by phone at 604-778-8438 or chat with us online right now. Click here to learn more about our link building services. Want to fix things on your own? No Problem! We can also do a stand-alone full link audit for you. Next up in this series to help you if your SEO flatlined is: Keyword Maintenance – Part 7

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