If you want to rank without backlinks you need to:

  1. Do a website audit and implement it
  2. Fix any errors in Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster Center
  3. Build an optimized website structure
  4. Create optimized content based around things people are searching for

Internal Link Building with On Page SEO

When you do on page SEO you will need to use internal links to place links where someone may want more information about something, There comes a point when you are wiring content where you start to stray away from the main topic. This is where you can add a link in so that you maintain focus of the article and also keyword focus.

Frequently Linked to Pages Build Page Authority and are Easier to Rank for Keywords

By linking to one manage many times, you are telling search engines that a particular page is useful. Pages like these tend to get noticed as you are linking to them more than others. You will want to make sure frequently linked to pages are optimized. Search engines will think they are important.

Use a Content Strategy to Cover All Information About a Large Topic Over Many Articles With Strategic Linking

Just like inbound links, internal links are important and add value to your webpages. With a carefully laid our content strategy it is possible to rank for keywords by writing about all of the small topics underneath a larger topic. In addition to this, linking to relevant content. The more articles you write about a particular topic, the more relevancy you are creating. Search engines are based on relevancy so you will rank without backlinks using this method.

Internal Link Building Naturally Attracts Inbound Links – Keep Writing Optimized Content and Monitor Inbound Links

It can take longer to rank for keywords using the internal linking method. One bonus of this is that if your content is really good it will also attract natural links. Then instead of building internal links, if you aren’t pressed for time on getting fast rankings, you can monitor incoming links instead. You will need to disavow any poor links built. Just keep on creating new content based on your keywords. Usually one main keyword will generate 60 articles.  Each page will generate around 20-300 visits depending on keyword popularity if you have optimized it really well.

Do a Website Audit to Correct Issues that Could Prevent or Hinder Your Website from Ranking for Keywords

Having underlying issues can put a damper on your efforts. t is always a good idea to do a full website audit if you have a large website every 6 months, or an audit every 12 months if your website isn’t as demanding. Cleaning up issues each month will also help your new content flourish as it is not weighed down by issues that could be affecting your whole website. Having a clean website and continuing with your content strategy will help you to rank without backlinks.

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If you would like more information about how to rank for keywords without backlinks, you can contact us via online chat, by phone at 604-778-8438 or by email. We can also provide you with a full website audit a content strategy, content writing and optimization to get you rankings, traffic and conversions. As a bonus, we incorporate a 3 stage lead funnel into every page of your website. This way, search engines send you traffic which gets you sales and new clients. We want SEO to pay for itself and we want to make you money. Your success is our success. Are you ready for us to audit. optimize. amaze?


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