If you have triggered a negative ranking penalty, as per a Google Update, or a negative SEO attack, then you will need a solid recovery strategy before you can start building up momentum again. This is an 8 part series on what to do if your SEO flatlined:

  1. SEO Flatlined
  2. Website Audit
  3. Negative Ranking Penalty Recovery Strategy – You are Here
  4. Create Strategic Content
  5. On-Page SEO Basics – Optimize Content
  6. Link Building
  7. Keyword Maintenance
  8. Traffic Optimization

Negative Ranking Penalty Audit and Negative SEO Attack Investigation

We provide full audits, including negative ranking penalty and negative SEO attack investigations. If you want us to do an audit or investigation for you we will let you know if you have triggered such penalty, what they are and how to fix them.

This is a detailed process to audit, but a much larger process is to fix all of the things in order to get your traffic to grow again if your SEO flatlined. It is important to make sure each area is done correctly and thoroughly. Once a stage has been completed, the next one down in the list (as shown at the top of this page) should be done – unless there is an SEO emergency. In that case, it should be dealt with right away.

Start Implementing Your SEO Recovery Strategy as Per Your Audit

Once your full audit and negative ranking penalty strategies are in place, you can start implementing them along with the rest of your audit. We can also do this for you if you are unsure of how to implement the strategies. After issues and errors have been set straight you will have a solid foundation and your website will be in a position to rank well. This is where the work really begins. You are now ready to start a growth strategy.

Contact Us Today if You Need a Negative Ranking Penalty or Google Update Recovery Strategy

If you need a full audit or negative ranking penalty investigation done we can be reached via email or you can request a free quote. We will begin your audit or recovery process immediately. We treat all negative SEO attacks as emergencies.  In that case, it should be dealt with right away. Let’s start with the first step in growing your traffic, which is content. Next up in this series to help you if your SEO flatlined is: Content, Links and Keyword Maintenance – Part 4

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