If your SEO flatlined, then there are a number of things that you can do in order to make your traffic grow again. When you do SEO it is important to know what each of the moving parts is, what needs to be done and in what order. SEO is a complex job and takes a lot of skill, experience and knowledge in order to do it right. This is an 8 part series on what to do if your SEO flatlined:

  1. SEO Flatlined – You are Here
  2. Website Audit
  3. Negative Ranking Penalty Recovery Strategy
  4. Create Strategic Content
  5. On-Page SEO – Optimize Content
  6. Link Building
  7. Keyword Maintenance
  8. Traffic Optimization

Why Does SEO Flatline? I Have Done Everything Right and Nothing is Working

This happens to almost everyone, so don’t worry. It doesn’t mean that you have done anything wrong. You could have a really nice website, with a lot of information on it. It is frustrating to not see your traffic grow, especially after you have worked so hard on your website. Maybe you are just missing the mark in one area or many, even though you think you have been playing by the rules. Think of all of the time and money you have invested in:

  • creating new content
  • building links
  • promoting your site on social media

It’s Time to Fix Your Traffic – Get Help Today if Your SEO Flatlined

It is time to make your efforts count. You need to see the payoff and you need to reach your yearly targets. If nothing seems to work and if nothing is budging then you need a fresh set of eyes. We are an experienced agency that specializes in SEO. We can take a look and help you to:

  • See new opportunities
  • Provide information about what is going awry
  • Provide strategies
  • Implement everything for you
  • Provide you with SEO Consultation.

If your SEO flatlined and the above sound like you, contact us now via email – we are ready to help. You can also request a free quote here. Our phone number is 604-779-8438. You can chat with us online right now. Need more info on this subject? Check out our whole series in the links above or read the next article. Next up in this series to help you if your SEO flatlined is:  Full Website Audit – Start Fixing Things from the Ground Up – Part 2

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