A keyword audit will reveal the amount of social mentions and inbound links you need in order to secure a keyword as part of your SEO program. It will also reveal many other things related to content, search engine compatibility, readability and so on.

In order to complete a keyword audit, quality, targeted links with varied anchor text need to point or link to the page that is being optimized. The same is true for social mentions. Not only does this give you more traffic, but it shows search engines which websites your website associates with. It is more important to build few, quality links rather than to build a lot of low quality ones. Heard enough and want your keyword audit now? Click the button below to get started. [wpcb id=”1″]

What is a Social Mention and How Do You Do One?

A social mention can be defined as a status update or a post on a social network like Facebook or Twitter. When we integrate SEO with social media, social mentions contain targeted keywords that link to a matching page or article on the website that the mention is about. Social mentions like these can help you rank for keywords. If we were doing a social mention for this article, we would first look at the keywords we want to rank for, and then integrate them into a catchy sentence with a link back to the article. A good social mention shouldn’t seem like self promotion and should encourage fan participation, or engagement.

How Many Likes, Fans and Inbound Links You Have Compared to the Top 10 Ranking Websites

Keyword Audit - Inbound Link Requirements
Keyword Audit – Inbound Link Requirements

When a keyword audit is performed for a page with a specific keyword for a particular search engine, you will see how many likes your profiles are required to have in order to meet the range of the top 10 websites ranking for the same keyword you are after. You will also see some measurements done for links.

Your keyword audit will show what range of inbound links you will need to have and how the top 10 ranking websites have acquired these links. The inbound link can be in the form of text or an image. It can contain the keyword, or synonyms. It can come from a website where the keyword is in the domain or URL. It can also come from a page where the keyword is mentioned in the meta data and in the copy. There are also internal and outbound links involved in a good link building program. There are of course many other factors involved which can make link building complicated. There are also many methods used in obtaining inbound links; we recommend performing a link building audit. If you would like a link building audit please click the button below.

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  • This is very interesting, especially the part with social mentions. A bit less than a year ago I bought links. My rank increased a lot after, and it’s been a pretty great success actually but I’m really afraid that I might get punished by Google some day when they figure my dirty little secret out, do you guys have any suggestions for what I could do to “save my butt” in case they some day make an update to their algorithm that could tell that I bought links? Also are you familiar with this link provider or any other?

    • Hi Jonas 🙂 Thanks for writing in! If the quality of the site you bought links from drops and you are worried about losing your rankings you could check out the link profile of the site and make note of the poor links, then email the website to let them know. They can then remove those low quality sites that are linking to them or use Google’s disavow tool. If they do not take action, you could try to build up their link profile, to increase the overall quality of their links. It’s probably easier to disavow those links from their site to yours and build good, clean, high quality ones to your site.

      Link networks are always popping up and getting shut down. It is risky to use them so you need to be very careful with what kind of websites you are choosing to associate your website with. For this reason I have also edited out the link that you included in your comment and profile. I don’t mind linking to other sites, where it makes sense and where the quality is high. I haven’t used the particular site you were talking about but I have used many others. There are definitely some good ones out there, but eventually they go away too. Link building is a continuous effort that must be monitored on a regular basis.

      Google actually has already started issuing penalties for low quality links, as per the Penguin algorithm update in 2012. In September 2016 the Penguin algorithm update was made a part of the core algorithm.

      I hope this answers your questions. Have a great day!

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